I'm Just Saying

Welcome to the new and improved MickieJames.com!

Hey there!!! Welcome to the new & improved MickieJames.com I hope you all like it! My team and I have been working hard to bring you all something special.

I've always had a little input in what goes into my site before. However, this time around I wanted to be hands on not only in the development of the site, but learning from YOU!!! What makes you MY fans?! We have some exciting stuff in store for you guys & gals starting with my 1st official blog... A word I loathe ever so much... So we're gonna call it... "I'm Just Saying!!!" because after all... They're just my opinions and not by any means the gospel! Lol.

We are also going to have a section just for you to interact, post pics of us together in different times we've met along the road, participate in contests & giveaways, and just have fun on here!

There's going to obviously be photos, videos, fun stories from the road and real life. Of course the site wouldn't be complete without an MJ store. I'm working on a new line of merchandise as we speak that I think you'll really love. Please know we always welcome feedback and suggestions.

I want to hear directly from you, what you like and want to see more of... Or even dislike & never want to see again. So feel free to let me know what you want to see, hear, or know more about.

Also please take a moment to fill out your info in the mailing list. I promise not to bombard you with junk mail but just want to make sure you all know when I'm coming to a town near you & what's new going on in my world. Let's make this better than ever before! Thank you for visiting me and be sure to come back again real soon!

Lots of love & hugs!!! šŸ’‹MJšŸ’‹

Mickie James