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Squaredcircle.com - 10th year of keeping it Crassy!

"It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Mickie James made a gesture that made her one of the most talked about people in Wrestling, It has been whitewashed from WWE's history but for those who saw it live it was an unforgettable moment, a perfectly timed distasteful gesture that played in to Mickie's obsession with Trish Stratus.

This is a limited edition 10 Year Anniversary shirt marking that very occasion featuring Mickie replicating that infamous gesture" - Squaredcircle.com

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Photo's taken at the USO Event

Mickie attended the USO LIVE wrestling event hosted by Indian Head FFR, Mickie Said: "It's always an honor to support our troops and to perform in front of them, Especially to work alongside the USO. 
Special thanks to David Craig and whoever else is posted with them for an incredible night!".


Mickie will be attending the 'Toys for Tots' Benefit concert alongside American Hitmen

February 6th 2016 at the State theater Mickie will be joining American Hitmen in attending the 'Toys for Tots' Benefit concert, below is the event poster containing more need to know information!, There is also a chance to own one of the Event's special Limited T-shirts for just $25, don't miss out!!.


How would you like a 8x10 signed by both Mickie and Trish Stratus? 'Friday, November 27th. Stratuspherians and members of the James Gang will be happy to learn that an exclusive 8x10 of Trish Stratus & Mickie James will be available

(Taken from Trishstratus.com)

Stratusphere Shop is excited to announce a special new offering which will be released for our annual Black Friday sale, Friday, November 27th. Stratuspherians and members of the James Gang will be happy to learn that an exclusive 8x10 of Trish Stratus & Mickie James will be available – and, it will be personally autographed by both ladies. In the past, Amy Dumas took part in our holiday shopping extravaganza here at the site. And now, we are pleased to be able to bring Trish & Mickie fans this unique opportunity to add this item to their collection.
But that's not all...
As our customers have come to expect from our annual Black Friday sale, there will be many stratusfying deals on select items, including products from Trish's yoga fitness line, collectible trading cards, photos and magazines. Also, for the first-time ever in our Shop, Trish Stratus action figures will be available in limited quantities.
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Fans of Mickie James and Trish Stratus voted for the ten best moments in their WWE history together! Head over to TrishStratus.com to check out how the fans voted and read the exclusive comments from Mickie and Trish!

(Taken from Trishstratus.com)

'Possessing one of WWE's most memorable and long running storylines produced from women, Mickie James and Trish Stratus will go down as one of their most impactful rivalries. With a WrestleMania match having reactions which rivalled the men's that night and a final showdown in the historic MSG, narrowing their highlights to the 10 most unforgettable moments was not an easy task.
But thankfully, Stratuspherians and James Gang members helped immensely in the selection process! The call went out, and you answered in droves.
Here now are the top 10 moments in Trish and Mickie's history, along with their thoughts and memories.'

Image (C)trishstratus.com

Image (C)trishstratus.com


After being voted the third member of 'Team Bestie' by yourselves alongsideTrish Stratus and Lita, Mickie was asked numerous questions via Twitter.

(Taken from Trishstratus.com)

'After fans chose Mickie James as the third member of Team Bestie, we decided to give the former WWE Women's, Divas and TNA Knockouts Champion her official initiation – putting her in front of the Stratuspherian firing squad for a special edition of #ff5.
Mickie's career has encompassed so much both inside and outside the ring. From her early days in the independents, to her ascension to national recognition first under the name Alexis Laree in RoH and TNA to reaching the apex of the female brand of wrestling in both WWE and TNA, Mickie has maintained a standing as one of the most successful women to ever compete in the ring. Along the way she gained a strong following for her music endeavors, had a child with Nick Aldis (former TNA Champion Magnus) and today is part of Global Force Wrestling.
So with all this in mind, there were plenty of possibilities for questions for "Hardcore Country" to answer. Here are the best five from Mickie James.'
Read Mickie's answers here. 

Image (C)trishstratus.com

Image (C)trishstratus.com


The history of Trish & Mickie in pictures - View Here


Mickie James is voted 3rd member of 'Team Bestie'

(Taken from Trishstratus.com)

'Over the last week here at TrishStratus.com, we asked you who Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas should add to their team if the WWE Hall of Famers were to bring Team Bestie into the Divas Revolution mix to battle with PCB, Team Bella and Team B.A.D.
The votes have now been tabulated and we’re pleased to announce that the winning competitor is none other than the woman who is closely associated with the final days of both Trish and Lita in WWE – Mickie James.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Find out More >

Image (C)trishstratus.com

Image (C)trishstratus.com