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A Message From Mickie

Wayne’s service was beautiful. Thank you for the words of love & encouragement. I embrace & push them all to his family that loved Him so much. His three beautiful daughters Analease, Alyssa, & Amber. I love you with all my heart. You were his everything. He is always with you.

His father, my step father, Big Wayne. I have tried to even find the right words so many times and the truth is there are none. I love you so much. I am always right here. They are always there. I will never understand. 2 sons, 2 brothers, almost a decade apart, the same fate.

His wife Christy, I cannot imagine losing two people I love so completely in one moment. My brother and your beautiful daughter Joey. My heart is with you everyday. I pray for you and your family's constant healing. For your children, her brothers and sisters love and strength.

I saw this photo Christy had shared and it buckled me. Sometimes we all feel a little lost. Alone and empty. I pray for our peace in the solitude. And perhaps a little reminder that when we are ready to look up. We can see the love that surrounds us & all the little reminders.

There is a Gofundme that Joey's brother Nik has started to help with her service and perhaps her brothers and sisters future. I am sharing it here. It’s the least I could do. Thank you. 🙏🏼♥️🕊

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