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A New Year's Message From Mickie James

What I learned about myself in 2022.

1) I am not what everyone thinks I am. I am everything I believe I am.

2) Just because I believe in the greatest version of people doesn’t mean I should expect them to be it.

3) My heart & intuition has never lied to me. My mind will tell me 1000 stories, excuses, & reasonings.

4) I am an imperfect perfectionist who struggles to accept assistance. I am working on it.

5)I am powerful at the art of manifestation. The difference a year can make. Now, I’m aware of it. Now, I understand it. And now, I’m mastering how to use it, For me.

Welcome to a new year. A new opportunity for a year of goals, dreams, and memories. Eyes wide open. Heart full. Purpose driven.

Here’s to 2023. And all the things that will be. Ps I really loved this random camera phone shoot on the beach in the Hamptons. More times like these please.

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