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Mickie James Releases New Single "I Don't Give A"

I always buy my own music when it first comes out. I always want to be one of the first! Because, if I don’t love it enough to buy it, How can I expect you to?! My new single that literally just came out at midnight! We actually wrote this ages ago with the amazing Timmy Vartanyan and sat on it forever until the perfect time. I think NOW is that time... new mindset for all things in life. Thanks to all who helped bring her back “I don’t give a” .... #idga Get it on iTunes right here or search my name. It’s available wherever you listen to your music. Download it now! Listen, like, share... Thanks in Advance. Xoxo  #newsingle #music #countrygirl#countrymusic #family #GAW#wrestlemania #MondayNightMickie#GawofRaw #mickiemania

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