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James talks following loss to Vega

Mickie James’ road to the Raw Women’s Championship hit a roadblock on Monday after being defeated by what some say is a huge upset from Zelina Vega. A match set on Raw to determine who will face the Raw Womens Champion Asuka, this Sunday at Clash of Champions.

With high stakes, both Superstars came prepared to do battle, but Vega had the element of surprise on her side as she has seldom competed in the WWE ring.

“I think anyone who underestimates Zelina is in for one hell of a wake-up call, It’s the little ones you gotta watch like a hawk!” James said with a chuckle. “I’ve battled her in the past so I had a good idea of what she had up her sleeve. I just didn’t realize how good shes quietly become since then.”

James is referring to matches the two had in TNA. Back then, Vega was known as Rosita and primarily competed alongside fellow veteran Sarita in tag team action. James and Vega competed several times against one another in those days.

“Vega had such incredible promise in those days, and I’ve always known she would do great things.” James said. “I have to admit I’ve always been a fan of her both in and out the ring. Even now with all that sass you have to respect and appreciate her tenacity. I’m actually excited to she’s finally venturing off on her own and going after her own glory.

“Of course, I wanted to come through and get my due shot at Asuka again, but the fact is I beat myself. Honestly after last week’s controversy, I looked right past Zelina, so laser-focused on Asuka and making it right. I didn’t take her seriously and that isn’t a mistake a ‘veteran’ should ever make. She won so she deserves this opportunity, to go out there and show everyone what I already know she is capable of. “

So what lays ahead for the six-time champ? In her eyes, there’s unresolved matters that need to be addressed.

“Don’t forget that I didn’t tap, I didn’t submit, and I wasn’t pinned by the champ. I only lost because of a lapse in judgement by a ref,” James said. “I’m going to keep fighting for what is rightfully mine.”

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