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Mickie Appearances Nov. 2022

Here's a listing of where Mickie will be appearing in November 2022 along with the first weekend of December. If you're near any of those places, go see Mickie if you can!

Upcoming Appearances Frank Brown Music Festival * November 4-6 with Sean Gasaway & Elaine Petty (LINK) Birmingham, England Comic Con with Trish Stratus * November 11-13 (LINK) Impact Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky * November 18 (Over Drive), 19 (TV Taping) WrestleCade in Winston Salem, NC with Nick Aldis * November 25-26 (LINK) Mickie will also be at the German Comic Con Dortmund Winter 2022 in Dortmund, Germany on December 3-4. (LINK)

This information was also shared in the Mickie James Newsletter on November 1st, so please sign up for that in case you haven't done so already and you'll get the next newsletter on December 1st and the first of every month after that.

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