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Mickie James Facing Trinity at IMPACT Wrestling's Bound For Glory 2023

After being forced to vacate the Knockouts World Championship due to injury, Mickie James made her triumphant return in the huge 10-Knockout tag team match at IMPACT 1000. As she celebrated with her team, Mickie’s eyes caught the Knockouts World Title belt that was hanging over the shoulder of current title-holder, Trinity. One week later, Trinity toppled Gisele Shaw in a breathtaking main event but when Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal attacked her after the bell, it was James who came to Trinity’s aid. In that moment, James revealed that she would be invoking her contractually-obligated rematch clause at Bound For Glory. James has gone head to head with some of the greatest talent in all of professional wrestling – but she’s never faced Trinity. Both Knockouts share nothing but respect for one another and only one can stand tall as the Knockouts World Champion!

IMPACT Wrestling presents its biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound For Glory, LIVE October 21st at 8pm ET from Cicero Stadium in Chicago. Tickets are on-sale now at

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