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Mickie James' 'HER', Bret Hart's 'Australian Stampede', Starrcast Downunder Event Tickets, ON SALE January 7th

April 10-14, just ONE WEEK after WrestleMania 40 -- THREE International Pro Wrestling events will take place as part of Starrcast Downunder. Mickie James' 2nd All-Women PPV Event "HER" is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 13th in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. In partnership with Oceania Pro Wrestling & GLO Sports, Starrcast Downunder will feature 4 days of electrifying fan engagement & top-tier wrestling action that includes OPW's "Australian Showcase 2" on Friday, April 12th & Bret Hart's "Australian Stampede" on Sunday, April 14th.

Mickie James on the meaning of "HER" :

"HONOR -- For the business; for the Women in the business. For ALL the women in this industry. Past, Present & Future.

EXCEL -- Beyond expectations, beyond barriers, beliefs, limitations whether by our own or others.

RESPECT -- For all those who came before us. The blood, sweat & tears laid into the pavement we ride in today & into the future."

The highly anticipated follow-up to Mickie's ground-breaking EMPower Pay-Per-View will feature Australian & international wrestlers & is set to stream domestically & internationally.

Mickie James:

"EMPower was so wonderful & certainly a learning experience. I never want to take away from the magic created that night & the validation of what I always knew to be true. Women's Wrestling Matters. Now we have an opportunity to grow beyond a one-time/one-off pay-per-view to a worldwide market."

Tickets for Starrcast Downunder are set to go on sale starting January 7th at 12:00 PM AEDT.

Visit OCEANIAPROWRESTLING.COM for updates & more information!

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