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Mickie James Retains Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title at Hard to Kill PPV

Mickie James was in the main event of the Impact Wrestling "Hard to Kill" pay-per-view tonight against her arch-rival Deonna Purrazzo. It was a Texas Death Match for Mickie's Knockouts Title. Here's a rundown of what happened courtesy of our friends at

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James vs Deonna Purrazzo – Texas Death Match for the Knockouts World Championship

The next chapter in one of the greatest rivalries in Knockouts history will be written as Mickie James defends the Knockouts World Title against Deonna Purrazzo in a Texas Death Match! Mickie scores a quick pin in the opening moments of the match but a Texas Death Match will only end when someone is unable to answer the referee’s count of ten. Purrazzo locks in Venus de Milo, forcing Mickie to tap but she quickly recovers at the referee’s three count. ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C is seen watching on from the front row. Purrazzo sends her head-first into the steel ring post. Purrazzo hits a snap suplex on the unforgiving stage. Purrazzo drives a road case into the sternum of Mickie to score a pinfall. Mickie is able to recover at the referee’s count of nine but she’s busted open in the process. Mickie locks in a single-leg Crab, followed by a dropkick to gain momentum. Mickie uses her leg brace as a weapon, delivering a running knee to the side of the face. Purrazzo sends her into a pile of thumbtacks before choking Mickie with her own ring gear for a submission.

Mickie is up at the referee’s eight count, then hits Purrazzo over the head with a steel chair. Mickie hits a Thesz Press off the apron to score a pin. It looks as though Purrazzo is down and out but Rehwoldt appears at ringside and brings her to her feet. Purrazzo hits Queen’s Gambit through a table for another pin but Mickie is somehow up before ten. Mickie takes out Rehwoldt with a guitar shot. Mickie connects with the Mick-DT into the thumbtacks. Mickie pins Purrazzo and keeps her down for the referee’s ten count to retain the Knockouts World Title!

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James def Deonna Purrazzo – Texas Death Match for the Knockouts World Championship

Now that Mickie has retained her title, she has her sights set on the WWE Royal Rumble on Saturday, January 29 in St. Louis. Making history all the time.

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