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Mickie James Retains Knockouts Title at No Surrender 2022

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Mickie James puts the Knockouts World Title on the line against the winner of the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match, Tasha Steelz! Mickie hits a running boot to gain control in the early going. Tasha turns the tide with a springboard dropkick that sends her to the floor. Tasha calls out Mickie’s husband through the camera but that only fires Mickie up who hits her with a neckbreaker. Tasha distracts the referee, allowing Evans to get involved and throw Mickie into the steel ring post. Tasha hits a bicycle kick for two. The momentum shifts as Mickie bites Tasha and hits a top rope Thesz Press for two. Chelsea Green evens the odds for Mickie as she takes out Evans on the apron. Mickie sends Tasha crashing into Green, then scores the pinfall to retain the Knockouts World Title!

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James def Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans – Knockouts World Championship

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