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Mickie James shares first Rumble memories on WWE Network

With the 2021 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event mere days away, WWE is premiering a special roundtable look at the first Women’s version of the over-the-top-rope challenge, with Mickie James as one of the panelists.

Debuting on Wednesday, January 27, the WWE Network exclusive features Mickie, alongside Sasha Banks, Natalya and Charlotte Flair, discussing the monumental event.

”We’re now gearing up for the fourth Women’s Rumble match, yet it still feels like the first was just yesterday,“ James said. “that feeling of amazement that this is actually happening still sits with me.”

James enjoyed the opportunity to sit with her cohorts on the WWE main roster and look back at history unfolding.

“It’s so easy to forget that this match wasn’t a possibility when I was in my first stint in WWE,” James said. “Regardless of your gender, the Royal Rumble is what every kid dreams of being part of, and to have that spot in the first match was a definite career highlight.”

Flair’s spot on the panel, in James’ eyes, is the most unique. “When you’re competing, you have complete tunnel vision and are only focused on who you want to eliminate and watching who may be trying to get you out. Charlotte, however, was able to see everything unfold in front of her while she clutched her Raw Women’s Championship, so she has a very unique perspective of the match.”

Banks, meanwhile, was in James’ sights for two reasons as the panel chatted.

“Sasha was absolutely incredible in that match, nearly going coast to coast, so hearing her talk about facing the current stars and legends was really cool,” James commented. “The thing is, she and I have never tangled one-on-one. I think it’s high time that we get it on, especially while she’s got that gold warmed up for me.”

As for Natalya, a woman whom James had a strong rivalry with earlier this year?

“I have all the respect in the world for Nattie. I still remember when she first was signed by WWE and made her debut. She showed how competitive she was when she eliminated her best friend, Beth Phoenix. I think there’s still a couple chapters to be written between the two of us,” James remarked.

Is the participation a sign of things still to come for Mickie James? Stay tuned!

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