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Mickie James talks before Raw

One week ago, Mickie James returned to the WWE ring after more than a year on the sidelines, and the WWE Universe responded in rare form.

After her appearance and loss to Natalya, James trended on Twitter with messages of support for the returning Superstar, who is set to appear once again this Monday on Raw.

“The reaction was overwhelming,” James said. ”This is ultimately what, as a competitor, you hope for - that if you go down with injury and can’t be part of the action for as long as I was, that you aren’t forgotten. The outpour of support last week and now is amazing. I’m so appreciative of everyone’s reaction to the match.”

That, however, was last week. Now, James is seeking revenge and redemption against Natalya and Lana. The duo unhatched a plan that saw James lose her return match.

“I expected more from Nattie, but I should’ve known better.” James said. “I’m not letting this go. I worked hard to come back and admittedly I was very disappointed with how things unfolded. I’m not letting the social sisters think they won. This is far, FAR from over.”

So what can fans expect from Mickie tonight?

“My longtime fans know that when it comes to Mickie James, expect the unexpected,” James said. “I said it from the beginning - I’m here to be a leader and pick up more gold. No one, not Natalya, not Lana, is going to stop me.”

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