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Mickie James WrestleZone Interview: 'HER", Alicia Fox, 'Last Match Musical', In-Ring Future & More!

Mickie joined WrestleZone's Ella Jay for a special interview this week as we approach the 2nd All-Women's PPV produced by Hardcore Country -- 'HER' on Friday, April 12th in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia!

Mickie talks putting together an all-star card featuring an eclectic mix of current champions, up & coming stars, as well as notable legends & breaks down her highly anticipated showdown with long-time friend, the FKA Alicia Fox -- Vix Crow.

Mickie James:

“The match I’m most excited about, and I haven’t even brought it up [yet] — my own match. I’m so happy about this match, I’m so excited about this match on so many levels for so many different reasons. Not only because Vic is one of my ride or dies, she’s my R.O.D. for sure. You know, we traveled the roads together, we’ve seen so many eras, shall we say, of wrestling. And I don’t — and it’s not me being biased because I’m her friend and I adore her, but I feel like I don’t understand if people understand how damn good she is.”

“I don’t think people can even begin to wrap their heads around it,” she added. “To not only be the first-ever African American female Divas Champion, and I think the longevity of her career as a woman in this industry, in one company, should be applauded on so many levels."

Watch the entire interview above on WrestleZone's YouTube channel & if you can't get DownUnder for 'HER' & the rest of the Starrcast lineup, be sure to order on FITE TV powered by Triller -- & watch LIVE -- FRIDAY, APRIL 12th -- 9:00 PM EDT

For everything Starrcast DownUnder -- go to for event schedules, tickets & more!

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