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Mickie, Lisa and Val chat with Paige on latest GAWTV episode

This past Wednesday, Mickie James, along with SoCal Val and Lisa Marie Varon, continued the hot streak of incredibly guests for GAW TV when they welcomed Paige to their YouTube program.

Paige,also known as Saraya, best known for her time inside the WWE ring where she won multiple Championships, joined the crew to talk about a variety of subjects in one of the most varied conversations since GAW TV began earlier this year. Among the topics Paige talked openly about were:

- Her sobriety and tattoos she regrets getting during her battles with alcohol.

- Getting people to recognize that she is no longer the 19 year-old who rose to fame so many years ago and the battles women face as they get older, as well as growing up in front of wrestling audiences.

- Her makeup line (currently on hold due to Covid-19).

- Dealing with bad relationships in the public eye of the Internet and the positivity of her current relationship

- The origin of her highly successful Twitch channel and being real on video streams.

- The life of a wrestling and being "on" constantly.

- Breaking her mom's nose.

"This is EXACTLY what we were hoping for when we started GAW - conversations about our realities," James said following the airing. "Saraya was at her uncensored best and we all just had a blast. I look forward to having her back on the show very soon!"

To watch this highly charged episode now, click here

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