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Mickie James returns, faces opposition from Natalya and Lana

Returning to Raw after more than a year on the sidelines, Mickie James was ready to make a statement; but the six-time Women’s Champion was only able to get a scant few words out before she was confronted by Natalya.

Amid an interview with Sarah Schreiber, James freely announced her intent to contend for a Women’s Championship; but her return was interrupted by the Canadian Superstar and her associate, Lana.

Following a brief war of words, James made it clear that she was ready to fight. A match between herself and Natalya has been confirmed and will take place next Monday night.

“I’ve never had a problem with one of my female roster mates stepping up to challenge me,“ James said following the confrontation, “but if Natalya and her TikTok pal think they can rain on my return parade, they have another thing coming.”

Despite the actions of the Queen of Harts and the Ravishing Russian, James was satisfied with her return to the WWE active roster.

”I had a ton of fun doing The Main Event broadcasts, but nothing beats being an active WWE competitor,“ James said. “I’m ready to show that I’m back at 100% and go after that seventh Championship in WWE. The feeling of being in the locker room has re-energized me and I can’t wait for my first match back.“

Stay tuned for more from Mickie James’ return to WWE action.

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