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Mickie James Wins At Impact Wrestling Over Drive

Mickie James was in action at Impact Wrestling's Over Drive event on November 18th and picked up the victory over Taylor Wilde. After the match, Mickie was confronted by an old rival. Here's what happened with thanks to our friends at Impact Wrestling for the recap.

Mickie James vs Taylor Wilde – If Mickie James Loses, Her Career is Over

Mickie James’ Last Rodeo continues as she battles Taylor Wilde in a first time ever dream match! Both Knockouts jockey for position in the opening minutes of the match. James gains the first true advantage with a leg scissors out of the corner, followed by a Hurricanrana. James sends her rolling through the ropes to the floor. The fight spills to the outside where Wilde drives her into the side of the apron. Wilde hits a snap vertical suplex for two. James whips her into the corner but Wilde sidesteps and regains control with a backbreaker. James and Wilde exchange strikes as Wilde gains the upperhand with a targeted shot to the lower back. James builds momentum with a neckbreaker but Wilde avoids the Mick DT. Wilde hits the Wilde Run for a very close near fall. Wilde immediately locks in the Camel Clutch but James escapes. James hits the Mick DT to win!

Mickie James def Taylor Wilde – If Mickie James Loses, Her Career is Over

After the match, Mickie James is confronted by her longtime rival, Deonna Purrazzo, who calls her a “selfish b****”. Purrazzo says that she’s not only looking to end James’ career – she’s looking to end it.

Keep watching Impact Wrestling on Thursdays to find out what happens next!

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