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Mickie takes part in Australia benefit during Super Bowl Weekend

On Saturday, February 1, with the clock ticking down to Super Bowl LIV, a benefit event will take place in Miami benefitting the victims of the wildfires in Australia.

Dubbed a Sunset Cocktail Event, the evening affair will see former Super Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb share the hosting stage with Bullets 4 Peace founder Rafi Anteby as they raise funds for Australia, where wildfires have claimed the lives of countless animals and displaced hundreds of citizens.

James will be on hand for this very special event, taking place Saturday, February 1, 5:00 to 8:00pm at the Nobu Hotel in Miami.

”I’m proud to provide any help I can provide to the families and communities who have been affected by this disaster,” James said. “Having performed in Australia and seen their beautiful landscape and met the friendly people, this benefit means even more to me.”

The Nobu Hotel is located at 4525 Collins Avenue.

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