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Mickie teams with Rosevelt for Childhelp benefit song

There may be no cause more important to Mickie James thank Childhelp, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of child abuse.

At 5 est on Wednesday, April 1 on Instsgram, James unites with another strong voice to raise funds and awareness for the organization - Rosevelt.

If you haven’t encountered this remarkable 11 year-old yet, you’ll know her name soon enough. Like so many warriors of the emerging generation, Rosevelt has dedicated much of her young life to her cause, and now the pair of powerful singers are joining forces.

The collaboration between Mickie and Rosevelt will unveil their collaboration is titled ”With the Love of a Child”. The powerful ballad will be listed for digital download at for purchase, with proceeds going to Childhelp.

”Working with this brilliant, determined young lady has been phenomenal,” James said. “She is going to do a world of good in her life, and to be on a team with her has been excitingly rewarding. I’m looking forward to sharing this special song with the world.”

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